What is Block Chain? Join Next PQMD Webinar to Learn More!

What is block chain?
Simply put it is a technology worth considering! Block chain is often linked to Bitcoin, because it is the technology that is used for verifying and recording financial transactions for the digital currency. But because block chain is a revolutionary, secure and transaction-based technology, it is also being considered for many different solutions beyond the financial industry.  While early yet, there is quite a lot of buzz related to how block chain is emerging in the humanitarian sector, in particular the health sector and supply chain management. Can block chain push secure product tracking? Assist in keeping biomedical equipment functioning optimally? Enable patients to easily pay for primary or preventative care? Locate needed supplies quickly in a time of disaster?

Join us as  PQMD’s Community of Practice welcomes Dr. Valentine Gandhi, in a Webinar devoted block chain solutions in development. Dr. Gandhi founded the social science think tank, The Development Cafe . With over 15 years of experience in development and capacity research, program management, M&E, capacity building and policy coordination; Dr. Gandhi currently leads multiple projects that use block chain technology for refugees through the iAM project  as well as pioneering smart agriculture.  Dr. Gandhi will lead us through case studies and a general overview of user-driven solutions that employ block chain technologies.

Come learn more about block chain in development, share your own experiences with the technology and imagine solutions to address our unique challenges in ensuring high-quality donation of medical products for good.

Block Chain for Social Impact by Stanford Business Center for Social Innovation provides a quick visual overview of their April 2018 publication related to the potential of block chain to drive social impact. Another quick and interesting read is devex’s: What you need to know about blockchain in 2018. For those interested in the technical aspects of block chain, Blockgeeks offers What is Block chain Technology? A step by step guide for beginners.

Please post  your questions and/or comments to cop.pqmd.org in advance to help frame the discussion. 

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Dr Valentine (Val) Joseph Gandhi is an Implementation Scientist, Development Economist, Policy Advisor, Poverty and Livelihood Impact Evaluation Specialist, ICT4D and Knowledge Manager, currently based between Jakarta and Nairobi, with over 15 years of interdisciplinary, quantitative qualitative research, teaching/training and project management, M&E, Strategic consulting, knowledge sharing and capacity building and development experience at both field and policy level with various UN, CGIAR and Donor agencies. He has developed and led multi country on Livelihoods, ICT4D, Health and Climate Smart Ag technologies. He is the founder of the think tank The Development CAFE. He actively promotes innovation in M&E and Research. Among other initiatives, he currently leads multiple projects that use blockchain technology for refugees as IoT based climate smart agriculture.