Benefits of Membership

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Benefits of Membership 

Benefits of Membership

Membership in PQMD brings meaningful benefits to corporations and nonprofits concerned with the donation and delivery of health-saving products and services.

Affiliation with Representatives of Leading Corporate and Nonprofit Organizations

Members of PQMD become part of a group of highly respected organizations. Member representatives are experts in their fields and as members of PQMD, are able to share their experience and knowledge and learn from each other in a trusting and confidential environment.

Recognition as a Member of a Global Health Authority

PQMD is a recognized thought leader in the field of medical product donations. Its “PQMD Guidelines on Quality Medical Donations” were developed and are maintained in concert with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) “Inter-agency Guidelines for Medicine Donations”. Additionally, PQMD is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a “Standards Development Organization.”

Engagement in Strengthening Best Practice Guidelines

Through service on the PQMD Board of Directors and work on Board Committees, member representatives have the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge that help to shape and strengthen PQMD’s Guidelines on best practices for donation and delivery of medical products and services.

Management of the PQMD Governance Structure

PQMD is a member-driven organization. As Directors or participants in any of eight standing or other ad hoc Board Committees, member representatives have many opportunities to provide leadership in developing and implementing PQMD policies and programs.

Key Role in Coordinating Disaster Management Response

PQMD members play a critical role in responding to disasters, both in the US and abroad. Member representatives share up-to-date information on their work regarding disasters with each other and help to coordinate their organizational responses to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

Programmatic Leverage and Impact

The relationships that member representatives of PQMD build become partnerships that enable their respective organizations to collaborate, leveraging their strengths, for increased impact on beneficiaries and clients.

Access to Ongoing Knowledge-Building Activities

Knowledge-building is a key activity for PQMD. Member representatives have numerous opportunities to participate in educational forums, informational webinars, committee meetings, other data-sharing activities as well as unlimited use of members only and open use resources to help them stay abreast of changes in the field, explore emerging issues, lessons learned and other valuable insight to support them as they work inside their own organizations and with other members of PQMD.