Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Partnership for Quality Medical Donations?

PQMD is a highly respected global alliance of more than 40 corporations and nonprofit organizations leading the development and championing of high standards in medicine and medical equipment and services donations. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, PQMD, seeks to enhance access to healthcare in underserved communities and in areas affected by disaster or in need of humanitarian assistance.

Why was PQMD formed?

In 1996, a small informal group of four pharmaceutical manufacturers and three nonprofit organizations united to address concerns about improper donations of medicines and medical equipment and to support the World Health Organization (WHO) in developing standards for the quality of donated medicines and medical supplies. Since then the group formalized their relationship, incorporating as a nonprofit in 1999, and developing and publishing the PQMD Guidelines for Quality Medical Donations.

What does PQMD do?

PQMD maintains the PQMD Guidelines for Medical Donations and updates them annually to ensure that the standards are relevant and effective as the regulatory and donations and delivery environments evolve. Members respond directly to needs for medicine and medical supplies and services, both in disaster situations and where there is chronic need. They also provide training and services to support communities in building and enhancing access to medicine and medical services. Furthermore, PQMD is dedicated to building knowledge in the field.

Where are products donated?

Medicines, medical equipment and supplies, as well as services and training are donated through partner organizations to communities in need, in the US and abroad.

Is PQMD a watchdog organization? Does PQMD have a blacklist of organizations that do not adhere to its standards?

No. Adherence to the guidelines is voluntary, but strongly encouraged. PQMD believes that through education, modeling, and dialogue, we can effect positive change in healthcare, safe drugs, high quality equipment and services.

Do PQMD corporate members donate only to PQMD nonprofit members?

No. The most important factors determining the recipients of products are the adherence to quality standards and the matching of products available for donation to the needs of an organization or affected population.

Corporations and nonprofit organizations, both, are members?

Yes. Addressing disasters and humanitarian crises is a multi-sector challenge. The participation of both companies and nonprofits, often in partnership with local government agencies and actors, promotes understanding of the issues and a greater chance that PQMD members are providing effective and sustainable programs and activities.

How does the collaboration between corporate and nonprofit members work?

The PQMD membership meets on a regular basis, for board meetings, committee meetings, knowledge-building activities, and to share information regarding specific disasters, humanitarian assistance needs, and health system strengthening issues. The sharing of information from different perspectives has led to more effective donation activities and partnerships.

How does one become a member?

Membership is by invitation only. For more information about the benefits of being a member of PQMD, see our Membership page.

Are dues required for membership in PQMD?

Yes. There are different dues structures for corporate and nonprofit members. Refer to the PQMD Membership Committee Chairs above for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions July 29, 2015