PQMD History

PQMD is a dynamic alliance and global network between nonprofit and corporate organizations leading in the development and championing of guidelines on quality for the donation policies and practices; delivering of urgent care in disaster situations, and delivering life-saving products and service to at-risk and chronically under-served populations.

The organization’s beginnings go back to 1996, when an informal alliance of several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) , pharmaceutical companies, and medical device firms joined together to develop guidance regarding medical donations. There was a need to ensure that those who were donating, placing, and receiving the goods and services, along with governmental organizations, were communicating effectively, cooperating efficiently, and meeting the needs and requirements of all involved.

In 1999, this informal group incorporated as the Partnership for Quality Medical Donations, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Since then its members have remained committed and active in collectively addressing a changing landscape and in setting guidelines for high quality donations of medicines, medical devices, and health service delivery. PQMD holds the distinction of being the first US organization to contribute to and endorse the revised 2010 World Health Organization (WHO) Inter-agency Guidelines in Medicine Donations.

The impact of PQMD’s work in this arena has been immense. In the last 10 years, its Education Forums, attended by corporate, nonprofit, and government representatives, have informed leaders from all sectors on best practices related to health-saving, in-kind contributions. Additionally, the group maintains practice groups related to Disaster Response, Humanitarian Assistance, and Enhanced Access to Healthcare, all of which are focused on keeping abreast of the latest trends, sharing communication on work being done, developing partnerships to implement projects, and integrating the experience into continuously updated Guidelines. Its PQMD Guidelines for Quality Medical Donations, revised and reissued each year and in compliance with WHO’s standards, are widely recognized as the foundation for the giving of medicines and medical devices. And, today, with more than 40 corporate and nonprofit members, and strong ties to global governments at all levels, PQMD continues to innovate in the area of member-driven programming to advance best practices and policy as it relates to the donation and delivery of medicines, medical equipment, and medical services.

History July 29, 2015