Dear Colleagues,

PQMD had a very successful and productive year in 2021! Despite still working virtually, we were able to hold meetings and events allowing members opportunities to engage and learn from each other. Even with pandemic-related travel restrictions and logistics challenges, PQMD members collaborated to provide life-saving medicines and equipment, community health programs and training, skilled medical volunteers, and donations to prevent, control, and eliminate diseases, including COVID-19. Our members continue to deliver essential and high quality medical products, activities and services to those most in need around the world.

In 2021, PQMD embarked on operations supporting our 3-year Strategic Plan designed by our Executive Committee with the goals to position and champion PQMD as a Standards Setter, Network Builder & Convener, and Information & Knowledge Broker in the global health and medical donations space. Well-defined objectives and implementation plans have guided the work of our committees and organization, and we are on our way to achieving our stated goals.

This year, we were thrilled to further grow and diversify our membership as we welcomed 4 new members: Brother’s Brother Foundation, Edwards Lifesciences, USA for UNHCR and USP. They have already brought a new fresh perspective and contributions to PQMD. We look forward to continuing to grow PQMD into a leading organization working to address complex and important global health issues.

Read the full year in review report here.