PQMD Hires Consultant to Work on Kitting Project

PQMD has engaged consultant Patricia English to work on our kitting project. Patricia has years of International program experience, most recently at Texas Children’s Hospital’s Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative (BIPAI)’s Global Health Corps, but also brings important perspective in the following areas: emergency medicine, fistula repair, HIV/AIDS and TB, UN young professionals volunteer initiative, and tobacco cessation. She has served two terms in the US Peace Corps and has worked on health issues internationally in Togo, Vietnam, Malawi, South Africa, South Sudan, and the United Kingdom.

Patricia will provide support for PQMD’s Spotlight on Kitting Initiative – a one-year, grant funded project which explores the effectiveness of hygiene kit distribution from multiple perspectives. Patricia will work closely with the project Steering Committee to leverage collective knowledge and current best practices and inform the development of novel evaluation tools that will allow better assessment of kit contents and distribution practices during times of disaster.