The Partnership for Quality Medical Donations is a unique alliance of Non-Profit and  Corporate organizations committed to bringing measurable health impact to under-served and vulnerable people through active engagement with global partners and local communities.

STATEMENT OF VISION:  By assuring excellence in medical product donations and service delivery,
geography and economic status are no longer barriers to everyone living a healthier life.

STATEMENT OF MISSION:  PQMD is a global alliance leading the development and championing
of high standards in medical supply and service donation.  PQMD seeks to enhance access to
health care in underserved communities and in areas affected by disaster.






 Stamford, Conn. – May 5, 2015 – AmeriCares airlifted 14 tons of emergency medical aid to Kathmandu today to resupply hospitals and mobile medical teams treating earthquake survivors. The chartered aircraft landed around 8:30 p.m. local time carrying nearly $1 million in urgently needed antibiotics, pain relievers, sutures, bandages, crutches and intravenous fluids for thousands of children and adults injured in the April 25 earthquake. The medicine and supplies were requested by recipient organizations and approved by the World Health Organization.

Up to 90 percent of medical facilities are severely damaged in the most affected areas, creating an urgent need for emergency medical care and supplies. An AmeriCares emergency response team from India arrived in Kathmandu within 48 hours of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake and immediately began treating survivors in the streets with medicine they hand carried into the disaster zone.

“Our medical teams are treating an average of 120 patients a day,” AmeriCares Senior Vice President of Global Programs Dr. E. Anne Peterson said from Kathmandu where she is working on the relief efforts. “We are seeing children with trauma injuries, diarrhea, fever and respiratory illnesses who haven’t had access to a doctor. We are committed to restoring health services for survivors.”

Baxter Reports on Product Donations and Work with Fellow PQMD Members AmeriCares, Direct Relief and IHP, UK   

With contributions of more than $34 million in products, including through patient assistance programs in 81 countries, Baxter has partnered with PQMD Members AmeriCares and Direct Relief to pre-position products for emergencies as well as ongoing needs in underserved communities.  It has also begun working with International Health Partners to provide donated medical aid to organizations serving needy communities. The article below contains information about some of the great philanthropic work that Baxter is doing.


Baxter donates products to help improve access to healthcare worldwide. In 2013, the company contributed more than $34 million in products, including through patient assistance programs, to assist people in need in 81 countries.   To maximize impact, Baxter donates items that recipient organizations have requested, such as intravenous (IV) solutions, hemostatic sealants, pharmaceuticals and hemophilia products. The company’s Global Community Relations team manages the process, guided by Baxter's Global Product Donation Policy, which covers areas such as licensing, expiration and dating, accounting and tax laws, and export requirements. The team works with supply chain managers and others at Baxter to identify donation opportunities, matching available inventory to patient need.

 PQMD Membership Benefits


PQMD's Corporate and Non-Profit Member Representatives recently participated in a "visioning" exercise resulting in approval of updated statements of Vision and Mission.  An additional and very positive outcome of the exercise was reaching a consensus on the part of the Representatives regarding benefits currently being provided by PQMD to its Members.


The HHI Board of Directors selected Jim Mitchum to lead Heart to Heart International into the future after an extensive months-long search. Mitchum will take the helm on September 2, 2014.  Jim Mitchum brings considerable experience in senior executive positions to the CEO position at Heart to Heart International.  Mitchum has worked for Eli Lilly & Co, spent 20 years with Marion Laboratories and held international executive positions with Hoechst Marion Roussel in Germany, Aventis UK, Aventis Japan, and Sanofi-Aventis. Mitchum holds an MBA from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville's College of Business Administration and also has a background in service-oriented work having spent some of his youth living in Ethiopia.  Though Mitchum has lived and worked around the U.S. and the world, he and his wife consider Kansas City to be home, having raised their family and established roots in the KC Metro.

BD Wins Top Global Volunteering Award for VST Response to Haiti Earthquake  

BD was presented with The International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) Inspired Practice Award at the 23rd IAVE World Volunteer Conference recently held in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. BD received this prestigious honor in recognition of our multiyear Volunteer Service Trip (VST) to Haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake there.

The Inspired Practice Award recognizes a global company that has created a highimpact volunteer initiative designed to meet a specific community or societal need. According to the IAVE, the award was presented to BD based on tangible outcomes that resulted from a specific volunteerbased strategy to meet a particular need.

BD joined with Trusted Partner Heart to Heart International (HHI) to support efforts to improve the fragile healthcare system in Haiti following the earthquake. Working together, BD and HHI designed a three-year program to leverage the medical expertise of BD associates with the in-country knowledge of HHI to improve healthcare services for Haitians in the remote mountain villages in the Southeast region, which had been identified by the Government of Haiti as a neglected area in need of assistance. It is estimated that over the duration of the  VST program, nearly 250,000 people were helped through such efforts as training laboratory and other healthcare workers, offering medical support, construction of two new laboratories and a new warehouse as well as renovating four volunteer housing facilities.

New "PQMD Guidelines for Quality Medical Donations"

Following months of work on the part of the Standards Committee, the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, by unanimous decision, the Board approved on February 27 new "PQMD Guidelines for Quality Medical Donations".

 The history of this updated document can be traced by to the mid-late '90's when there were growing concerns donations of medical products were undermining the viability of host country healthcare programs.  PQMD was organized at that time and officially incorporated in 2002 with a mission to join with the World Health Organization and other concerned organizations to support having in place internationally recognized standards to guide the management and delivery of donated medical products.

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