As part of PQMD’s ongoing commitment to building knowledge in the field, we maintain access to a wealth of information resources related to the field of donating and delivering high quality medicines and medical products and services to assist communities suffering from the effects of disasters as well as chronic and devastating diseases.

In addition to PQMD’s Guidelines for Quality Medical Product Donations you can find articles, case studies, scholarly publications, study results, guidelines and advice from local, national, and international organizations, and much more on a variety of topics associated with the work of PQMD and its members.

The issues that can be explored using these resources range from the valuation of donated drugs and services to the delicate art of cross-sector partnerships to lessons learned in disaster response, and go well beyond.

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Zika: The Untold Story

PQMD Members Act to Resolve Zika Health Crisis

Zika: The Untold Story Produced by Kevin Young and Caitlin Saks In 2016, panic spread through the Americas as a once obscure virus—Zika—reached epidemic proportions. To the surprise of the medical community and the public alike, the little known virus was discovered to cause severe birth defects in

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U.N. Apologizes For Cholera In Haiti

U.N. Apologizes For Cholera In Haiti Haitian activists have been demanding that the United Nations would accept responsibility for what the country believes to be truth. That the UN was responsible for the cholera outbreak that has occurred in Haiti. They finally received their wish when U.N.

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PQMD Marks Twentieth Anniversary

PQMD Marks Twentieth Anniversary Annapolis-based Nonprofit Celebrates Longstanding Commitment to Excellent in Medical Product, Device, and Service Donation Community Annapolis, Md. – December 6, 2016 – The Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD) proudly announces twenty years since first forming in an effort to improve the quality

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Gilead Sciences and International Medical Corps Partner to Deliver Lifesaving Health Services to Syrian Refugees

Gilead Sciences and International Medical Corps Partner to Deliver Lifesaving Health Services to Syrian Refugees Gilead Sciences, Inc. (Nasdaq:GILD) and International Medical Corps are partnering to provide health care and other vital services to Syrians who were forced to flee their homes because of Syria’s civil war.

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