Alicia Coghlan

Group Director, PQMD

Group Director, Corporate Giving & Patient Assistance
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

Alicia Coghlan has worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb since 2004. She currently serves as Group Director, Corporate Giving and Patient Assistance, a position she has held since 2010. In this role, she leads a team charged with providing financial support to patient advocacy organizations and with developing patient assistance programs that serve over 100,000 uninsured patients annually. Prior to this, she was Director, Charitable Giving, a role she defined and created within BMS’ US Medical Affairs group.

She has also served as Associate Director in both Independent Medical Education Virology and Independent Medical Education Neuroscience at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Prior to joining BMS, Alicia held positions with Apothe Com Associates and Vox Medica, where she had responsibility for medical education and communications.

Alicia received her B.S. in Finance, minor in Business Law from The Pennsylvania State University and her MBA in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business from theMayes College of Healthcare Business and Policy at The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.