POSTPONED: Community of Practice Webinar
Progress and Promise:Looking Back and Moving Forward after Hurricane Maria

Please look for an updated invitation for an October date. 


Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and the surrounding islands in September of 2017 causing devastating loss of life and destruction. The storm cut power to the island and damaged critical health infrastructure. Many PQMD members responded immediately to help those in need – many are still invested today through on-going activities through providing direct health services, participating in facility rebuilds, prioritizing training and telehealth opportunities, and continued funding to improve health for Puerto Ricans and programmatic activities to build resilience. Nearly two years after Maria, PQMD highlights members combined and individual efforts.  Join us on August 22nd for this unique perspective, a chance to hear from Direct Relief about their on-going work in Puerto Rico, and a chance to join the dialogue about successes and challenges from your own experiences.

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