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2019 Updated Version of Guidelines for Quality Medical Donations Available

Partnership for Quality Medical Donations Members Continue Commitment to Best Practices in Donation

Annapolis, Md. – July 15, 2019 –
Today the Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD) announced the latest version of their Guidelines for Quality Medical Donations is available. The guidelines are updated and approved for 2019.

PQMD’s Guidelines provide a framework to guide and inform the medical product and device donation community on best practices and responsible strategies to assess and implement global donation programs. Every year, PQMD updates their Guidelines to best accommodate prevailing industry and regulatory changes and challenges.

 The 2019 edition of the PQMD Guidelines, approved by the PQMD Board of Directors at a recent meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, is a comprehensive overview of product donations across pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical equipment, consumables and consumer products. The document outlines the necessary steps for performing a needs assessment in emergency and non-emergent situations, determining appropriateness of a donation, and assessing the quality of a product. Standards for delivery logistics and product disposal are included in the Guidelines. This year, there is a particular emphasis on monitoring and evaluation of product use, a response to a growing discussion in the global development community around measuring efficacy. In addition, PQMD and InterAction together engaged in an extensive review of valuation of GIK and the resulting guidance is integrated into the 2019 Guidelines. 

 “PQMD was founded on the principles of providing up-to-date best practices of high quality donations of medicines, medical devices and supplies, and health services,” PQMD Executive Director Elizabeth “EJ” Ashbourne said. “The latest edition of the PQMD guidelines reflects our continued commitment to providing quality medical donations and strengthening health systems worldwide.”

 The 2019 version of the PQMD Guidelines can be found on the PQMD website.