PQMD’s Statement on Social Injustice

We recognize that systemic inequalities have forced communities and people of color to navigate, on a daily basis, injustices that have been passively accepted and at times tragically enforced for far too long.

PQMD, an organization made up of 41 leading companies and NGOs, is proud of the clear statements individual members have put forward related to social injustice. One of our longstanding shared core values is to fight for vulnerable and marginalized populations, especially those in danger.

PQMD recognizes the power we have as a community to contribute to lasting change around the world, including within the US and Europe. We acknowledge the effects of racism and support the growing global movement to fight against these injustices that is unfolding today. In PQMD programs and activities, we will work to call out inequities and seek an informed and shared understanding about universal access to health, opportunity, economic prosperity, security and justice.