PQMD Welcomes Anera to Membership

Annapolis-based Nonprofit Includes 43 Members

Annapolis, Md. – September 23, 2019 – The Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD), is proud to announce the addition of Anera to their membership. The organization, based in Washington, D.C., provides humanitarian assistance and sustainable development to advance the well-being of refugees and other vulnerable communities in the Middle East. Anera is the 43rd member of PQMD.

“We had the pleasure of being invited as panelists to PQMD’s Global Health Policy Forum in Geneva in April, and we pursued membership shortly thereafter” Anera’s President and CEO Sean Carroll said. “Anera shares PQMD’s mission of ensuring high standards for donated medicines and improving access to medicine for vulnerable populations.”

Anera’s precise and logistical coordination of shipments, efficient management of warehouse space, pharmacological expertise, decades of trusted relationships, and intimate knowledge of international shipping restrictions/guidelines, combine to ensure that life-saving supplies are put to use quickly. Since 1968, Anera has delivered $600+ million worth of medical and relief supplies to local non-profits and medical facilities that serve the most disadvantaged populations in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan and Lebanon.

“PQMD is thrilled to welcome Anera to our organization,” Elizabeth “EJ” Ashbourne, executive director of PQMD, said. “Each new member brings a unique perspective to our membership, and we look forward to learning from Anera’s expertise and forging a successful partnership with them.”

A global alliance of corporations and NGOs, PQMD leads the development and championing of high standards in medical supply and service donation. The cornerstone of the organization, “PQMD Guidelines for Quality Medical Product Donations,” are a set of guidelines which are rigorously updated on an annual basis to help manage donated medical products, devices and services and the performance of those who participate in the industry worldwide. Seeking to enhance access to healthcare in underserved communities and areas affected by disaster, PQMD members focus their broad expertise in the areas of humanitarian assistance, disaster response, health system strengthening, and knowledge and innovation.

About PQMD
PQMD is a dynamic alliance and global network between nonprofit and corporate organizations leading in the development and championing of guidelines on quality for the donation policies and practices; delivering of urgent care in disaster situations, and delivering life-saving products and service to at-risk and chronically underserved populations. The organization’s beginnings go back to 1996, when an informal alliance of several non-governmental organizations (NGOs), pharmaceutical companies, and medical device firms joined together to develop guidance regarding medical donations. To learn more, visit www.pqmd.org.