PQMD Executive Director Attends Concordia Annual Summit

PQMD Executive Director EJ Ashbourne attended the Concordia Annual Summit in late September in New York City. The Concordia Annual Summit is the largest and most inclusive nonpartisan forum alongside the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). The Annual Summit aims to advance critical global discussions and transform conversations into action by bringing together thought leaders and the next generation of partnership-builders in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

While at Concordia, EJ connected with many PQMD member representatives in attendance, including CMMB, International Medical Corps, BD, Merck, IsraAID, and Americares, as well as other colleagues in global health and access to medicine. During her time at Concordia, EJ attended a roundtable, sponsored by Merck, on the appropriate use of antibiotics in weak health systems. She also attended a session on collaborative solutions for emergency response, featuring Gwen Young, Executive Director of the Global Emergency Response Coalition, and sponsored by PQMD member International Medical Corps.

Universal Health Coverage was a primary focus of the UNGA. EJ attended a Concordia roundtable, sponsored by KPMG, on the role of public private partnerships in achieving Universal Health Coverage.

“The roundtable discussion on partnerships in Universal Health Coverage paralleled discussions and panels PQMD has hosted,” EJ said. “We will expand the discussion to include the role of medical donations in achieving Universal Health Coverage at our annual Global Health Policy Forum in April.”

EJ also attended additional meetings and events held concurrently with the UNGA. She participated in the Center for Global Development’s session on deploying smart procurement to accelerate Universal Health Coverage. She also attended the Clinton Foundation/CGI Action Network panel discussion on post-disaster recovery in the Caribbean, and a dinner discussion, sponsored by Abbott, on how cross-sectoral partnerships advance the SDG’s and transform global health.

“My schedule during the Concordia Annual Summit and surrounding events provided many wonderful opportunities to develop relationships with others working toward providing access to medicine and healthcare,” she said. “We at PQMD look forward to continuing the discussion of how the partnerships of PQMD can advance and support the commitment to Universal Health Coverage.”