Humanitarian Assistance

Delivering High-Quality Donated Medicines, Equipment, and Training Services

PQMD members donate and deliver hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of medical products and services in humanitarian assistance.

PQMD members have helped millions of people suffering from Ebola, Sickle Cell Disease, River Blindness, HIV/AIDs, TB, Malaria, an array of neglected tropical diseases, poor nutrition, and many other health challenges in the US and countries around the world. Specific regions of the US and the world have suffered from the debilitating effects of chronic, debilitating diseases and health conditions that in turn affect both the individuals’ quality of life and the countries’ and regions’ abilities to build strong, healthy communities.

Humanitarian AssistanceIn cases where individual PQMD members are active in the affected regions, they can often leverage their long-term relationships and common interests to increase their impact on the target conditions by supporting each other in distributing medicines, equipment, and services.

Additionally, members collaborate to support each other in identifying the scale of the challenges, defining and determining the best strategies to employ in addressing them, and then delivering the supplies and services the affected populations need.

Through PQMD member efforts, communities are being freed from the devastation of chronic illnesses to build strong healthy futures. More information on member activities in humanitarian assistance is available in Communications.

Humanitarian Assistance July 29, 2015