Disaster Response

Partnering to Donate and Distribute Medicines and Medical Products

PQMD members donate and deliver hundreds of millions of dollars of medical products and services to help provide short-term emergency assistance to populations affected by the many disasters, man-made and natural, in the US and around the world.

PQMD partner organizations leverage their long-term institutional relationships and standing agreements to quickly donate and deliver basic medical supplies such as gloves, gowns, bandages, and basic hygiene kits to disaster-affected sites. In addition, PQMD members donate and deliver life-saving drugs, medical equipment, and teams of medical personnel to urban and rural locations to help those most in need. These immediate basic contributions allow medical personnel arriving at the scene to get to work immediately, providing triage services and basic treatment to disaster victims. Often, as a result of the partners’ preparation, history of collaboration, and ongoing information sharing, these supplies can arrive on site within 48 hours of the critical event.

Disaster Response

As the situation progresses, members share information, provide up-to-date situation reports and gradually construct a cooperative analysis of event-specific medical product needs. These joint evaluations allow partners to self-identify as the providers of needed medicine and equipment and conveyors of the needed products. Building on their strong working bonds, they are able to address the complex logistics of any situation efficiently and effectively, ensuring that the health needs of disaster-affected populations are quickly met.

More information on member activities in disaster-affected areas is available in Communications.

Disaster Response July 29, 2015