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If your company or organization has a medical donation program, you need to learn more about PQMD’s Medical Donation Guidelines which provide best practices and the highest standards to address the sometimes complicated practice of providing medical donations around the world.

PQMD Guidelines set elevated expectations for how medical product donations can be part of a solution to address access to health around the world.

Medical donations are a part of a wide range of health access strategies that help millions of people suffering from chronic diseases, poor nutrition, and man-made and natural disasters around the world. PQMD’s Medical Donation Guidelines inform best practices around the globe.






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Flashback: WHO Press Release from October 8, 1999

The WHO recognizes PQMD as the first umbrella organization to underwrite the agency’s Guidelines for Drug Donations.  Read the Press Release here.



Video: Jim Russo on a world without PQMD’s Guidelines

Watch and share this short video interview where PQMD’s founding Executive Director, Jim Russo, reflects on how the product donations landscape would look without the advent of PQMD’s Medical Product Donation Guidelines.

Video: Lydia Armartey on PQMD’s Guidelines

Watch and share this short video where Guidelines Committee member, Lydia Amartey discusses the importance of PQMD’s Guidelines in her work at International Health Partners.

Video: Pat Bacuros on PQMD’s Guidelines

Watch and share this short video where Guidelines Committee member, Pat Bacuros discusses how she became involved with PQMD’s Guidelines Committee.


About the Guidelines
In the mid-to-late 1990s, the World Health Organization, joined by the World Council of Churches and others, called for the establishment of international standards to guide the delivery of donated medical products. The most recent edition of guidelines was approved by the PQMD Board of Directors in 2019.  In addition, PQMD and supporting member stakeholders have developed a set of standards that seek to better align the purpose and practices of sending and host organizations. This is otherwise known as PQMD’s Medical Missions Guidelines. Access the Guidelines here.

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