A 7-Week Executive Survey Course for Medical Product Donation Professionals

PQMD has condensed key elements of a Master’s in Public Health curriculum to create a comprehensive Executive Survey Course on global development essentials for professionals working with medical product donation programs or other means of international development assistance. PQMD is currently enrolling its next cohort of participants.


YOU send life-saving medical products to people in need.

PQMD invites you to learn more about the places those products go; the lives they save; who is on the ground; and how it all works.

Join one of our scheduled 2021 course sessions!

Winter Session: January 13-February 24

Spring Session: June 2-July 14

Fall Session: September 15-October 27

Each session includes seven weekly classes scheduled from 12:00-2:00pm (EST)

Click here to view the course flyer as a PDF file.

The Global Health & Development Essentials course is intended as an introduction and orientation to international development policies and practices for professionals responsible for some aspect of their organizations’ medical product donation programs. Participants will gain an improved understanding of the global health policy environment in low and lower middle income countries; learn about the global frameworks and key players providing sustained humanitarian assistance and response for global health and health systems; explore the dynamics and coordination of international disaster and pandemic response, and complexities of medical product donation programs withn these contexts and existing frameworks.

ELIGIBILITY There are no specific prerequisites for the Global Health & Development Essentials course; participants need no previous instruction in global health or surrounding disciplines.  It is presumed that the trainees will come to the course with a diverse set of educational and professional backgrounds, and that the course’s content will improve their ability to design, influence or implement their organization’s medical product donation programs for maximum impact on health outcomes in vulnerable communities around the world.

FORMAT The GHDE course will be delivered through an exclusively ‘distance’ format: live lectures and supporting materials broadcast online at designated times, and the recorded sessions also available via streaming at the convenience of the trainee. Each 60-minute lecture will be followed by a 30-minute discussion session for those participants taking part at time of original broadcast. Lecture presentations, recordings and notes will be available online, as well as source materials, supplemental reading, and a list of other essential resources for the trainee.

PQMD Official Member Representative NO FEE
PQMD Member Organization Employee $500
Non-Member (Corporate) $1,250
Non-Member (NGO) $700
Academic Faculty/Students $500