Nepal Earthquake WR World Vision

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World Vision in Nepal

On April 25th, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal and surrounding areas. Just 21 days later, a 7.3 aftershock was felt. This chain of natural disasters is the deadliest in the country’s history. It has affected over 8 million – many of these survivors are now hungry and homeless with limited resources available to rebuild.

PQMD member, World Vision is in a unique position to provide humanitarian aid to the shaken people of Nepal. Already active in the country for more than a decade, the organization is now bringing critical help to those most in need. By supplying essentials to several of the hardest hit districts, World Vision has already assisted almost 230,000 people six months after the disaster struck.

Shelter formation, access to clean water, and healthcare efforts lead the way in short-term recovery. Nepal’s monsoon season is fast approaching, which will significantly limit aid capability to remote areas. True to its core principle of building a better world for children, World Vision has begun to establish temporary learning centers – places for the youth of Nepal to grow and receive ongoing assistance.