Turkey Military Offensive Causes Dangerous Conditions in Syria

Last week, Turkey began a military offensive to take out the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces in north-eastern Syria. The violence is causing hundreds of thousands of civilians to be in danger and is affecting humanitarian aid in the area. The U.N. is estimating that up to 400,000 people may need assistance as the war ramps up. Due to insecurity and lack of access, a number of NGOs in the area have moved their staff and reduced their operations.

A man and two boys flee Ras Al-Ayn, Syria on October 9th as Turkey’s military offensive results in dangerous conditions (Source: VOA news).

In addition, the U.N. Children’s Fund has stated that the water situation is poor in the area. A very important water station that provided safe water to around 400,000 people has been out of service since October 10th. Residents in Al Hol camp being run by Kurdish SDF are included in the total civilians not receiving safe water. Women and children are 90% of the population in this camp. UNICEF has stated that 47,000 of those children are under the age of 12 and in limbo because their country refuses to repatriate them. Read more at VOA News.