Tropical Depression Imelda Causes Life-Threatening Flooding in Southeast Texas

Tropical Depression Imelda has resulted in almost 36 inches of rain and flooding in areas of southeast Texas. Imelda has caused disruptions at Houston’s airport, an evacuation of a hospital and TV station and has flooded roads and homes. The tropical depression is moving very slowly at 6 mph causing torrential rain for the last 48 hours.

Flooding in Sargent, Texas after massive rainfall from Tropical Depression Imelda (Source:

The National Hurricane Center has issued a flash flood emergency for southeastern Texas and warnings for areas in eastern Texas and western Louisiana.

Forecasters are saying that the total rainfall from Imelda may be on par with Hurricane Harvey which impacted the Houston area in 2017. Totals were up to 51 inches in some areas. Imelda has affected areas further east of Houston, including Beaumont, Texas and southwestern Louisiana.