Takeda partners with The Max Foundation to tackle healthcare access challenges

Takeda believes that access to healthcare, medicines and vaccines should be universal. However, across the world, many people lack access to critical health services and treatments, especially for some of the biggest killers, including many forms of cancer.

Increasing access to innovative medicines is challenging and requires collective action to make a real and lasting impact. Takeda firmly believes a sustainable and targeted approach can radically strengthen and transform healthcare systems at every stage of the patient journey – from awareness and diagnosis, to treatment and aftercare. Partnerships are therefore a critical component of their Access to Medicines initiatives.

Since 2015, Takeda has partnered with The Max Foundation, a global non-profit health organization and fellow PQMD member, to tackle this challenge head-on through the Max Access Solutions program. Together they are working to realize their shared mission of broadening access to treatment, care, and support for people living with complex diseases like cancer.

“Our partnership, which specifically aims to improve the lives of patients with leukemia, focuses on providing support in countries that lack strong healthcare systems. With Takeda’s support of innovative medicines, patients now have access to treatment.” said Pat Garcia-Gonzalez, Chief Executive Officer of The Max Foundation.

With Max Access Solutions, chronic myeloid leukemia patients have been able to get access to life-saving treatment, recover well, and get a new chance at life.

“Through our partnership with The Max Foundation, we are currently supporting 113* patients in 15 countries across the world, to access this life changing treatment,” said Dr. Susanne Weissbaecker, Global Head of Access to Medicines at Takeda. “We continue to work with our partners to build capacity and knowledge of HCPs in areas such as diagnosis and patient adherence, as well as ongoing patient support to ensure patients around the world can have Better Health and a Brighter Future.” said Dr. Weissbaecker.

Takeda believes that shared responsibility and mobilizing collective action are the key to strengthening healthcare systems and making potentially lifesaving treatments and services available to the patients who need them most. You can learn more about Takeda’s global Access to Medicines initiatives here and how they are ensuring patients gain access to some of Takeda’s most innovative medicines, even if patients’ ability to afford them is limited.