Syrian Medical Facilities Bombed

On May 6, an air strike destroyed Nabd Al-Hayat hospital in Syria’s Idlib province. (Source:

Last week, Syria government forces bombed the Tarmala Maternity and Children’s Hospital in South Idlib, Syria. The airstrikes destroyed the facility, which had served about 6,000 people a month. The facility had been recently evacuated due to other strikes on health facilities in the area, so no one was injured or killed in the attack. However, the attack was the 19th such attack on a healthcare facility since April 28.

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) has mapped and documented similar incidents from the beginning of the conflict in March 2011. The destruction of healthcare facilities goes against international humanitarian law. By documenting the attacks, PHR hopes to bring accountability. Because of the increase in attacks by air and on land, 30 other healthcare facilities have partially or completed suspended their activities.

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