Shortage of Hospitals in Wuhan Makes Treating Coronavirus Difficult

Residents in Wuhan are struggling to combat the coronavirus which has, so far, infected 4,100 people and caused 224 deaths in their city. When the outbreak started, the Wuhan government closed the city by stopping public transportation and private cars to try to contain the outbreak. This strategy, along with a shortage of hospitals, has contributed to the difficulty of accessing healthcare required to treat the coronavirus.

Due to the lack of transportation, some residents have to walk for hours to get to hospital if they can. Additionally, there is a shortage of testing kits and other medical supplies for unknown reasons. Ambulances are also difficult to access as there are already hundreds of people needing them.

In the hospitals, patients often have to wait for hours. However, if their illness is observed as not severe, they are sent home to self-quarantine, possibly spreading the illness to their families. Many residents say that the bar is set too high for what constitutes as severe, risking the health and lives of the patients. The process for getting diagnosed and treated can often take a long time.

Two new hospitals are currently being built to hopefully ease the situation in Wuhan. One of the hospitals will have 1,000 beds and 1,400 military medical workers are set to work there to help with the crisis.

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