Sanofi Project with Medical Teams International Works to Protect People in Uganda from Deadly Ebola Epidemic

With the second largest Ebola outbreak in history happening in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Sanofi Espoir Foundation is partnering with Medical Teams International to prevent the disease from spreading further. Uganda, which hosts the world’s largest refugee population, is at imminent risk of the deadly disease crossing the border.

A clinic worker screens an incoming refugee by taking her temperature (source: Medical Teams International).

The project focuses on outbreak preparedness – taking proper steps to avert a large-scale health crisis. The program supports improved screening and infection prevention and control (IPC) procedures at the border to effectively contain the disease.

“The country here has been on high alert, expecting that at any time we’ll receive a confirmed case like this,” said Andrew Hoskins, country director for Medical Teams International Uganda. “Medical Teams International is working alongside the Uganda government to safely isolate and transport any suspected cases to special wards dedicated to manage Ebola cases and other types of hemorrhagic fevers.”

New cases in the Congo bring the total to more than 3,100 confirmed cases as of November 25, 2019, with over 2,190 resulting in death.

A Medical Teams worker sanitizes the feet of a beneficiary in the screening area (source: Medical Teams International).

“It’s a perfect storm, considering the conflict in Congo and the political tensions,” Hoskins said.
Medical Teams International plays a critical role in refugee health care as refugees cross into Uganda as the primary health care provider for nearly one million refugees and Ugandans throughout the country. With support of partners like Sanofi and others, Medical Teams works tirelessly to train staff and partners in infection prevention and control practices, increase supplies and ambulances at all critical health facilities and screening locations, and conduct monitoring visits to identify critical gaps and strengthen quality.

Thanks to critical partnerships like that of Sanofi Espoir Foundation and Medical Teams’, this desperately needed form of preventative care is possible.