PQMD Members Continue to Respond to Devastation Left by 2017 Hurricane Season

The 2017 hurricane season is one to be remembered: Harvey, Irma, and Maria collectively devastated Texas, Florida, parts of Louisiana, Puerto Rico, and much of the Caribbean. And now, a year after one of the worst hurricane seasons in recent history, PQMD members continue to provide relief efforts but those still reeling from the effects of the storms.

Hurricane Harvey

PQMD member Americares is continuing response to Harvey’s impact in Texas. They are restoring health services for the most vulnerable, working with 70 local health partners and providing medicine and supplies to clinics, shelters and supporting mobile medical clinics. Americares also provided training to healthcare workers to improve resiliency and help expand services for mental health. Their efforts also include offering storm preparedness workshops throughout Texas.

Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria’s impact on Puerto Rico was devastating, with 2,975 deaths attributed to the storm. While it has been a full year since the storm, the region is still reeling, and communities continue to rely on aid from organizations and companies committed to full recovery efforts.

Americares immediate response to Puerto Rico included emergency airlifts to restock damaged health facilities and opened a warehouse to distribute medicine and supplies to hospitals and health centers throughout the island. Mobile medical teams from Americares were also deployed to provide care in remote and underserved communities. They also introduced a Mental Health and Psychosocial Services program, including resources for healthcare workers. The island of Dominica, also affected by Puerto Rico, received health facility rebuilding support from Americares.

Pending finalization of agreements with trusted PQMD partners, Amgen is set to contribute significantly to reconstruction efforts in Puerto Rico.

AbbVie, who has been involved in recovery efforts since the storm hit, recently announced an additional $100M donation, split between PQMD member Direct Relief and Habitat for Humanity, to further contribute to reconstruction and health recovery on the island.

Heart to Heart International, who arrived on the ground in Puerto Rico the same day the story hit, has maintained a presence on the island since day one. Their team on the ground continues health and recovery projects.

Direct Relief, also present on the island since the time of the storm, recently received significant funding from PQMD partner AbbVie, and will work alongside Habitat for Humanity in the months to come as they work together to continue to bring aid to Puerto Rico.

Johnson & Johnson also continues to work with existing and trusted partners to help bolster necessary supply needs.