PQMD Members continue to respond to ongoing crises both domestic and abroad

This year saw unprecedented events around the globe, borne from both manmade circumstances and natural causes. Disease outbreak, famine, refugee crises and political unrest prompted a robust response from PQMD members this year. Natural disasters, including multiple hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and wildfires, brought additional, and unparalleled, aid from members both NGO and corporate. PQMD members often worked in partnership in coordinating their response, embodying the mission to enhance access to healthcare in underserved communities and in areas affected by disaster.

Plague in Madagascar

A healthcare worker assists children with preventative measures in Madagascar. Source:cbsnews.com

Madagascar began dealing with a plaque outbreak in early August 2017. As of mid-November, 2119 confirmed, probable, and suspected cases of plague, including 171 deaths, were reported by the Madagascar Ministry of Health to WHO. PQMD members action medeor and Tulipe are providing medicines and supplies to nonprofit partners operating in the region. MAP International is providing Ethicon sutures to US-based physicians traveling on medical missions to areas affected. Tulipe is providing medicines valued at $35000 to partners in the capital and remote west provinces of Madagascar.



South Sudan Famine

A child suffering effects of famine in South Sudan Source:latimes.com

Famine was declared in South Sudan in late February. As conditions continue to decline, PQMD members are supporting efforts in the area. MAP International, Americares, action medeor, MedShare, World Vision, PFSCM, and Johnson & Johnson are all addressing the famine crisis in South Sudan. Working with existing partners and South Sudanese organizations, these PQMD members are providing medicines and medical supplies for ongoing healthcare intervention programs. World Vision’s efforts to provide food support, WASH interventions, nutrition assistance, and child protection and education interventions reached 577,491 people in South Sudan in September 2017 alone. Based on recent member-provided information, PQMD member support in South Sudan is valued upwards of $2.8 million.


Patients lie on beds in an aisle of the emergency room at the Universitary Hospital in Merida, Venezuela.Source: businessinsider.com

Venezuela is grappling with a year-long health crisis, the result of government policies that have driven up the cost of medicines, food and supplies. MAP International is supplying short term medical and surgical teams traveling to Venezuela with $210,000 GIK of medicines and surgical supplies. Americares, Project C.U.R.E., action medeor and Johnson & Johnson are offering support to existing partners with medicines, supplies, GIK and product support.



Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Rohingya Muslim children, who crossed over from Myanmar into Bangladesh, are squashed together as they wait to receive food handouts distributed to children and women by a Turkish aid agency at Thaingkhali refugee camp, Bangladesh, Oct. 21, 2017.Source:voanews.com

PQMD members are responding to the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh, as hundreds of thousands of people escape violence in Myanmar. Americares is traveling to the area for an assessment and working with other PQMD member partners. action medeor is working with existing partners to provide medicines and medical supplies and Johnson & Johnson has been in contact with existing organizations in

the region in anticipation of providing support. World Vision, working with WFP, UNICEF and International Organization for Migration, developed a six month response plan to the Rohingya refugee crisis. Their plan includes providing food assistance, shelter, and non-food items. They are planning to provide WASH assistance, child protection, and health and nutrition facilities. World Vision is working to establish Child Friendly Spaces (CFSs) and Women and Young Child Spaces (WAYCSs). They will also distribute baby kits, dignity kits, and post-natal kits. Their plan also includes rehabilitating and constructing tube wells and gender-sensitive latrines and bathing spaces.


In May 2017, at the Sab’een Hospital in Sana’a, Yemen, patients suffering from severe diarrhoea or cholera receive treatment. Photo: UNICEF/ Alzekri

PQMD members continue to respond to the ongoing famine and cholera epidemic affecting Yemen. MAP International, Americares, action medeor, PFSCM, Tulipe and Astra Zeneca responded to the PQMD member survey about their work in the area. Americares, working with IMC, Islamic Relief and Save the Children, provided cholera medicines valued at $320,000. Tulipe provided 20 health kits and medicines, valued at $45,000, to two local NGOs working around the city of Mocha and supporting the main hospitals of the area. PFSCM worked on procurement and delivery of donated medicines and supplies, and action medeor worked with existing partners to provide medicines and medical supplies. AstraZeneca is working with the British Red Cross and supporting the clean water initiative in the area. MAP International is sending medicines and health supplies, a GIK valued at $20,000, into Yemen to help the affected populations.

California Wildfires

Firefighters battle recent the Valley Fire during the recent California wildfires. Source: newsweek.

In addition to PQMD member response to health crises and humanitarian emergencies around the globe, PQMD members have also responded to crises in the United States. After wildfires in California’s Napa region destroyed 8,900 buildings, claimed 49 lives and exceeded $3.3 billion in property damage insurance claims. PQMD members Americares, AbbVie, Merck, MedShare, World Vision, Boehringer Ingelheim, Heart to Heart International, Astra Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson are all responding and providing support. Americares provided free clinics, masks and respiratory products with a total product value of $50,000. AbbVie provided $25,000 in grants to the American Red Cross and $75,000 in grants to Direct Relief to support their response in the area. MedShare is also working with the American Red Cross and Worldwide Healing Hands Wildfire Relief, providing N-95 respirator masks for distribution to individuals directly affected by the increase in smoke in northern California. World Vision, working with Assist International, provided relief supplies including food, blankets, pillows and air mattresses coordinated and distributed in the Napa community. World Vision also connected churches in the California wildfire area with churches in Houston to share response strategies and best practices. World Vision provided over $100,000 in GIK in California wildfire response. Boehringer Ingelheim donated products with existing partners valued at $4,000,000. Heart to Heart International is shipping hygiene kits. AstraZeneca is working with Direct Relief and providing product donations. Johnson & Johnson, working with Direct Relief and some new community foundations, are providing specific product donations and limited cash.

Continued Additional Response

During a recent member survey, some PQMD members provided updates on additional crisis and humanitarian responses. AbbVie, which has provided $2 million in cash grants in Hurricane Maria response, continues to respond with product donations. World Vision is assisting those affected in South Asia by severe flooding due to heavy monsoon season. They are providing food security, health, education and livelihood activities as well as distribution of relief items. Tulipe is also involved in the Central African Republic, providing health kits in an area of escalating crisis.