PQMD Members Continue Relief Efforts in Nepal and Haiti

Volunteers help unload shipments from Direct Relief in Haiti. Source: Direct Relief

Early in October 2016, Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti as a strong Category 4 storm, killing almost 900 people, with some areas suffering almost total destruction. In the aftermath of the storm, PQMD members were some of the first to establish in-country relief efforts. In the six months since Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti (still recovering from the devastation of the 2010 earthquake), PQMD members remain actively involved in efforts to address the widespread damage. Direct Relief, Johnson & Johnson, World Vision, GSK and Medical Teams International are working in the country to provide needed medical supplies, funds and other services. Current efforts focus on rehabilitation and include:

-Large shipments of medicine and medical supplies, some delivered via donated FedEx air shipment

-Nearly $150,000 in grant monies awarded to local organizations for continued medical care

-Cholera and diarrhea prevention medicines and supplies

-Product donations through partnerships

-Over $150,000 in cash donations, some through matched giving employee appeals

-WASH, shelter and food donations to areas most affected

-Livelihood security

-Child safety

Shortly after the hurricane, our members’ efforts in Haiti were highlighted on the PQMD website:



The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that stuck Nepal in April 2015 killed almost 9,000 people and injured 22,000. Since the earthquake, PQMD members GSK, Medical Teams International, World Vision and Direct Relief are providing support in the area. Efforts in Nepal include:

– Cash grants to existing partners to provide shelters, clean water and toilets

– Donations of medicines, including antibiotics, anti-infectives and respiratory products

Survivors waiting to see medical personnel. (Source: International Medical Corps)

-Purchase and delivery of essential supplies

-Donations of food and glucose through partners

-Logistics, transport and delivery of donated goods

-In-country volunteering

-Building emergency response program

-Strengthening maternal child health

-Support of infrastructure, education and child protection services

-Protection of livelihood to promote self-recovery

-Disaster risk reduction programs to reduce vulnerabilities and increase preparedness

PQMD Member efforts in Nepal are highlighted here:


“The continued efforts of PQMD members in both Haiti and Nepal demonstrate not only their long-term commitment to disaster response and recovery, but to their efforts to strengthen overall health systems,” PQMD Executive Director Elizabeth Ashbourne said. “Their work exemplifies our mission of ensuring access to health care in areas affected by disaster, even months and years after a crisis first occurs.”

For a list of PQMD members, and to learn how you can support their efforts in Haiti, Nepal, and other areas, please visit our membership page.