PQMD Member UNICEF Working in Malawi to Use Drones for Humanitarian Purposes

In the footsteps of Rwanda, Malawi has now too found their own use for drone technology by launching a drone alongside PQMD member UNICEF to be implemented in April 2017. They aim to provide data previously limited about natural resources along with the delivery systems for aid where needed and also to transport blood for HIV testing for rapid results in more remote areas.

Source: UNICEF

At this time regulations are still being formulated by individual countries and it is speculated that those regulations will change as time goes on and the need arise. Many factors play into this, such as insurance, training, and licensing in order to avoid a “free for all” scenario regarding drones in the sky.

“From our experience, countries that develop drone regulations typically do so from a stance of concern, seeking to protect the public from the risks they perceive from UAVs’ operation and integration into general airspace,” Brittany Hume Charm, head of international growth at Zipline said.

The hope is that a proven track record will encourage other governments to embrace this new technology and expand the possibilities for humanitarian aid to be delivered where it is needed the most.

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