PQMD Member CMMB Opens Health Center for Women and Children in Haiti

Center focuses on maternal health

Jacinthe, a patient at Bishop Joseph M. Sullivan Center for Health, looks after her newborn. (Photo courtesy CMMB)

Years ago, when CMMB first went to Côtes-de-Fer, Haiti, they were struck by the poverty and vulnerability of the people they met and were moved by the impact a lack of access to healthcare had on the community, especially the women and children. At the time, the nearest hospital facility was over 90 miles and a 3-hour journey away over difficult terrain. This means that for many local residents, the journey was impossible. After a careful assessment and discussion, CMMB identified that a healthcare center was the greatest need.

Fast forward to March 2017 and thanks to the generous and collaborative effort of so many partners of CMMB–  and a lot of hard work – CMMB opened the Bishop Joseph M. Sullivan Center for Health (BJSH). It really is a beacon of hope for this community – but more than that, a reminder that their lives matter. Since opening its doors on March 20, 2017, BJSH has treated over 8,000 patients and delivered more than 130 healthy babies.

Read more about CMMB’s work in Haiti, and Jacinthe, the patient pictured above, on CMMB’s website here.