PQMD Member CMMB in Haiti: 7 Years and 100 Days Later

January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti with a vengeance. What made this year’s anniversary of that day even more significant is that the date also marked 100 days since Hurricane Matthew swept through Haiti, bringing devastation to the same people yet again. Many areas had just started to recover after the earthquake when the hurricane hit, putting them squarely back to where they started.

Source: CMMB

Dr. Dianne Jean-Francois, CMMB country director for Haiti, spoke about the effects these two disasters have had on the community of Cote-de-Fer. The community, both poor and remote, gave reason for concern for their lack of accessibility to receive care and aid. The main bridge into the town was washed away during the hurricane and most of the homes were flattened or swept away too. The local clinic was completely flooded which hampered any care for the locals.

After a number of meetings following the earthquake, with CMMB Haiti, the MSPP, the Catholic leadership of Haiti and key partners it was decided that a health center was to be built in Cote-de-Fer led by CMMB.

Now near completion, the Bishop M Sullivan Center for Health has already proven to be a success. It is meant to provide complete health care for the residents from birth through sickness, and to be at the ready when disaster strikes. The center survived the Hurricane Matthew practically unscathed with no damage to the roof and proving to be virtually leak proof. It has already been a refuge for those families who needed to seek shelter during the storm, and it kept them safe. The center is meant to be a long term health solution, but CMMB expressed their joy that it can also provide short term solutions in harsh conditions.

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