Operation Smile Implements an Innovative Tool to Track and Communicate with Global Volunteers

Over the years, Operation Smile has grown from a family organization into a global organization with over 6,000 volunteers. Operation Smile’s volunteer management team recognized the need for a new way to utilize all their data that tracks what volunteers are doing, to make sure they’re operating the most effective way possible.

“We wanted to give (our volunteers) a tool,” Director of Volunteer Operations, Kaitlynn Colson said. “We wanted to create this data base that not only helped them individually in each of their countries, but also connected them to their global staff so that we can all manage our volunteers together consistently.” To do this, Operation Smile partnered with Wipfli LLP to create the Global Volunteer Management System. With their help, they’ve created a system where all their volunteer data is housed in one platform and activity is tracked on a per-mission basis.

“Wipfli brings a unique approach when working with nonprofits,” Partner and Chief Technology Officer at Wipfli, Ryan Risley said. “We make sure that our solutions are effective and creating greater impact. It’s about understanding every beneficiaries’ journey, whether it be a volunteer or somebody receiving care.”

To learn more, view the video here.