New Ebola Outbreak in the DRC Causes Five Deaths

On June 2nd, the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo’s) Equateur reported that the region had nine cases of Ebola and a total of 5 deaths. The index patient was a 27-year old woman who died on May 18th. Three other people died from her community also died with similar symptoms a couple days later. On May 31st, a health worker who treated the patients, along with his wife, also got ill and tested positive for Ebola.

Ebola health worker (Source: World Bank).

One of the 5 patients who died was a 15 year- old girl.
PQMD member UNICEF is working with the DRC to provide water, sanitation services and equipment, send out community mobilizers and support children who are orphaned.

The WHO said that the new Ebola outbreak comes after the declaration of a 42-day countdown until they can say that the outbreak in the eastern part of the country from 2018 is declared over. This outbreak caused 3,463 cases and 2,252 deaths. It is a reminder that Ebola is contained in the animal reservoirs which can resurge the disease in the human population.

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