New Ebola Cases in Democratic Republic of Congo

Country declared free of Ebola one week ago

 On July 24, the Ministry of Health of the Democratic Republic of Congo declared the country’s Ebola outbreak in the Equateur province was over. The outbreak was controlled quickly and only 36 people died.

Just a week later, and 1,500 miles away, new cases of Ebola were reported near the town of Beni. 26 patients have fallen ill with hemorrhagic fever and 20 have died. Laboratory tests confirmed four patients were infected with Ebola.

Complicating health officials’ response is the region of North Kivu province is an active conflict zone. For the last decade, armed groups in the region have killed civilians and each other as they fight for control of the province’s gold, diamond, and coltan resources. WHO officials are concerned about accessing those affected by the latest new cases of Ebola.

In a recent survey of PQMD members about the newest Ebola outbreak in the DRC, AmeriCares shared they continue to monitor the situation. Direct Relief provided requested medicines and medical supplies as well as cash support to its partner networks.

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