Johnson & Johnson Announces New Center for Health Worker Innovation

Johnson & Johnson has announced a new Center for Health Worker Innovation to empower and strengthen the global health workforce. Johnson & Johnson hopes this will spur a movement to address the global health workforce shortage challenge.

The World Health Organization has declared that the world needs 18 million more health workers to accomplish universal health coverage and better health, especially for low and lower-middle income countries.

The Center for Health Worker Innovation will focus on giving nurses, midwives, and community health workers the skills necessary to work in their local communities around the world. Johnson & Johnson seeks to promote the skills of the health worker and give them the ability to work at their full potential. They will also support leadership and management programs for health workers to give them the skills to take on leadership roles.

The Center for Health Worker Innovation will also address the health worker gap, improve quality care and community-based health systems. Read the full Q&A with Johnson &Johnson from Devex.