International Health Partners Provides 700 Doctors’ Travel Packs to Assist Underserved Communities

International Health Partners believes in allowing the experts to do what they’re best at; medicines and supplies produced by first rate healthcare companies provided to the world’s leading medical NGOs. IHP bridges the gap, facilitates the donation and helps improve access to medicines.

It is the same for the filling and packing of around 700 Doctors’ Travel Packs. IHP provides these to UK and European Medics as train and treat underserved communities. Over the last 12 years these have been sent to 75 countries.nepal-bridge

Each pack is made up of 60 lines of long dated product (18 months’ dated) with 20 different companies incorporating the forecasted needs of the DTP programme into their production schedule.  Each pack provides between 800 and 1000 treatments and are often the first response IHP makes following a disaster.  Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson have donated to every DTP that has been sent.

The DTPs are put together by a team of 250 volunteers from Alloga, Britain’s largest pre-wholesaler.  Workers from across Alloga’s South Normanton site in Derbyshire pack the two boxes which make up the DTP, over the course of a week and across all shifts.  They pack 50 at a time, and have committed to fulfil the annual requirement of 700 DTPs over 12 months.

Once packed, the DTPs are returned to our warehouse (provided by DHL) ready to be released when medics, disaster or distributing partners need them. IHP always has a stock of around 50 packs at our warehouse enabling us to respond immediately to need; this model meant that medicines arrived within 48 hours of the Nepalese earthquake.

Over the last 12 months, DTPs have been used to provide vital healthcare to internally displaced peoples in Sudan, villages in Liberia recovering from the after effects of the Ebola crisis and support hospitals in The Gambia struggling with intermittent supply of essential medicines from the government.

Applications for DTPs can be made by any European medical professional but IHP only releases packs to qualified HCPs who have completed a thorough application process. This process undertaken by IHP allows the donor to have complete confidence that vital medicines will only be used for those truly in need and with IHP sitting within the UK’s regulatory supply chain they can ensure traceability of product to the end user.

If you’re interested in providing products for the Doctors’ Travel Pack programme contact Adele Paterson

If you want to talk about how a Doctor’s Travel Pack could support your humanitarian work contact Patrick Keys