More than 400 Die in Indian monsoon floods

Southern Indian state of Kerala affected; PQMD Members Responding

Residents survey flooding and damage caused by monsoons in southern state of Kerala, India. (Source: AFP/Getty/BBC)

The regional chief minister of Kerala said at least 483 people have been killed in flooding, the worst in almost a century. The government attributes most of the deaths to those crushed under landslide debris. More than 200,000 are homeless in camps, and hundreds of troops have been deployed with helicopters and lifeboats to rescue those stranded by the flooding. The main airport has been shut until August 26th, with more rains predicted.

The government is distributing food to those who reached higher ground. The membership of PQMD responded in significant ways, with donations of medicines, supplies and cash. Some of the member responses include:

  • AmeriCares responded by airlifting essential primary care and noncommunicable disease medicines and medical supplies into Kerala from their Mumbai warehouse and distributed them in the 10 highly impacted districts in Kerala. AmeriCares also donated two million chlorine tablets to ensure safe drinking water access, and has supplied health and hygiene kits, safe water kits, resting kits and nutrition to more than 25,000 people. The organization continues to monitor and conduct needs assessments of health facilities in the affected area.
  • World Vision’s response, focused on women and the disabled, includes distributing food, hygiene kits, shelter materials, and household goods. World Vision is also establishing child friendly spaces.
  • Heart to Heart International shipped six pallets of hygiene kits.
  • action medeor provided 25 portable aqua units for lifesaving (PAUL) to the area.
  • GlaxoSmithKline donated over the counter and prescription medicines, and provided cash.
  • Johnson & Johnson directed product and employee donations.

Many members supported other members with cash donations, including Abbott and AbbVie providing funds to Americares, and Merck giving money to both AmeriCares and Direct Relief to support their responses to the flooding.  PQMD members will continue to assess and monitor the situation.

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