Hurricane Dorian Is Finally a Tropical Storm after Leaving Bahamas Devastated

After causing catastrophic damage to the Bahamas and floods in North Carolina, the U.S. National Hurricane Center has now called Hurricane Dorian “fully extra-tropical” in its last advisory on the storm. On Sunday, the hurricane was in the Labrador Sea near Canada. It is expected to continue to weaken.

After bringing much damage to the Bahamas, the storm hit North Carolina’s Outer Banks. The worst damage was on Ocracoke Island where there was catastrophic flooding. There were no serious injuries but 200 people were in shelters and 45,000 without power. Fuel trucks, generators, food and water were brought to the island.

The hurricane also caused damage to the main highway on the Outer Banks, flooded roads and downed power lines. At least two people died in North Carolina.

Hurricane Dorian made landfall on Sambo Creak, Nova Scotia Saturday evening, 15 miles south of Halifax. The storm had sustained winds of 100 mph and left half a million people without power.

Meanwhile, the Bahamas has been devastated by the hurricane. The storm destroyed thousands of homes and left around 70,000 people homeless. There are 76,000 people in Abaco that need aid and to be evacuated, including people with medical needs, pregnant women, and children. The death toll is currently 43 and is expected to rise. PQMD members are providing humanitarian assistance and vital supplies.

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