How the Private Sector Can Unite to Defeat COVID-19

Although the private sector has individually donated cash, supplies, and are working toward a vaccine, it would be helpful to have a coordinated effort to assist in the fight against COVID-19. This is why the World Economic Forum recently launched the COVID Action Forum for the private sector to coordinate more efficiently. Some issues that the forum plans to take on include supply chain continuity, innovation in medical countermeasures, and protecting health care employees. The COVID-19 crisis is unique compared to other kinds of disasters, as it is ever-changing and the steps to take are unclear.

Arnaud Bernaert, head of Shaping the Future of Health and HealthCare at the World Economic Forum (Source: Devex).

Currently, there are about 500 organizations interested in participating in the COVID Action Forum. Most of the responses have been from larger multi-national corporations, but smaller businesses have expressed interest as well. The first call was held last Wednesday, March 11th and the forum plans to move fast implementing initiatives. The initiatives will prioritize universal access, health equity and affordability.

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