Henry Schein Helps Build Capacity for Healthier Communities

Powered by partnerships across the health care industry, NGOs, and professional associations, Henry Schein, Inc.—through Henry Schein Cares, its global corporate social responsibility program—focuses on building the capacity of nonprofit organizations, community health centers, clinics, and academic institutions dedicated to increasing the delivery of health education and care.

One example of these efforts is Henry Schein’s Global Product Donation Program (GPDP), which marked its 20th year in 2018. Through GPDP, Team Schein helps nonprofit organizations respond to the health and humanitarian needs of underserved communities by providing them with donations of imperfectly packaged, but new and useable, product. In addition to responding to immediate health care needs, GPDP also supports public health by pre-positioning health care products and personal protective equipment with NGO partners to allow for a quick response when disaster strikes.

In 2018 alone, GPDP provided more than 90 nonprofit clinics and NGO partners globally with over $7.8 million worth of product. Since the program’s inception 21 years ago, it has donated over $79 million in excess health care supplies, all of which would have otherwise been sent to landfills.

“Through the Global Product Donation Program and other initiatives, we at Henry Schein are working to improve environmental sustainability and enhance the health care capacity of underserved communities around the world,” said Jennifer Kim Field, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility, Henry Schein. “By aligning our strengths as a business with the needs of society, we are able to work with our partners toward the shared mission of ‘helping health happen’.”

For more than a decade, GPDP has supported partner Direct Relief in its mission to equip doctors and nurses with $2.4 million in life-saving medicines and supplies needed to care for the world’s most vulnerable people.

“Each of the 300,000 items we’ve received through GPDP just over the past 10 years translates into the provision of services that would not otherwise be available,” said Thomas Tighe, President and CEO, Direct Relief. “So the benefit of the donations far exceeds the dollar value of the products.”

Other PQMD members that have received support through GPDP include AmeriCares, Heart to Heart International, Catholic Medical Mission Board, MAP International, MedShare, Mercy Ships, Operation Smile, and World Vision.

For more information on the Global Product Donation Program, please visit http://www.hscaresfoundation.org/globalproductdonation.asp. To learn more about Henry Schein Cares, please visit www.henryschein.com/hscares.