Henry Schein Celebrates 10 Years of TeamSmile

Since 2006, TeamSmile has provided over $8 million in dental and preventative services to over 18,000 children in need. The organization partners with sports teams and volunteers to provide free oral health care to underserved children. Henry Schein, Inc. has announced its continued support of this non-profit, with a donation of $50,000 in dental supplies and equipment, as well as transportation of all equipment and materials to and from program sites.

Children and TeamSmiles Volunteers pose at one of the organization's program sites. Source: Henry Schein

Children and TeamSmiles Volunteers pose at one of the organization’s program sites. Source: Henry Schein

Henry Schein has been providing equipment and supplies to TeamSmile since it began a decade ago. These annual donations are part of an initiative of Henry Schein Cares, the Company’s global social responsibility program. Henry Schein’s relationship with the organization stems from Team Schein Member Jason Krause, who co-founded the non-profit with William Busch, DDS, MAGD, North Kansas City Dental Group, and Dustin Colquitt, Pro-Bowl Punter for the Kansas City Chiefs.

“We started TeamSmile not only to provide oral health care to children who may not otherwise be treated, but also to inspire children to take care of their teeth and feel comfortable at the dentist,” said Dr. Busch. “Athletes are like heroes to many children, and we are so grateful to the players who come out to be the role models for a healthy lifestyle, starting with oral health.”

For 2016, TeamSmile anticipates nearly 7,000 children will receive free oral health treatment, including preventive care and education, fillings, sealants, and extractions at TeamSmile program sites. Children will be welcomed by professional athletes, cheerleaders, and mascots, and receive treatment from volunteer dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants. TeamSmile programs will take place at sports stadiums and practice facilities for a number of teams across the country.

Learn more about the partnership and initiatives here.