Heart to Heart International Sending Hygiene Kits to Puerto Rico

On January 7th, a 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit Puerto Rico causing damage, cutting off water, and forcing people out of their homes. Nearly 1 million people are still without electricity. Complicating the ability to restore power are the many aftershocks that have affected the area. People in Southwest Puerto Rico, where most of the impact was felt, are sheltering outside because they are scared of a bigger earthquake. They don’t want to be indoors if it comes. Many people are comparing the situation to the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Heart to Heart International is sending close to 1000 hygiene kits to Puerto Rico after the 6.4-magnitude earthquake (Source: Heart to Heart International).

PQMD members are responding, including Heart to Heart International. In particular, hygiene kits have been very helpful. In the fall of 2019, Heart to Heart International stockpiled hygiene kits with the Puerto Rican government (Medical Reserve Corps) and they have distributed their kits to people sheltering outside in the Southwest part of the island. After the earthquake, the Puerto Rican government requested additional hygiene kits. During the Educational Forum in Kansas City at Heart to Heart International’s headquarters, participants had the pleasure of assembling close to 1000 kits which Heart to Heart is sending to Puerto Rico. These kits will be distributed and will replenish the stock of repositioned ones.

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