GSK CEO Encourages “Modernization” for Big Pharma at CSIS Event

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) hosted a conference on March 17 to explore how bio-pharmaceutical firms can support societal goals of improved affordability, access, quality, and innovation in medicine and healthcare. GSK CEO Sir Andrew Witty was the keynote speaker at this event. He shared how policy reforms enacted at PQMD member GSK have changed the company’s engagement in global markets and begun a trend towards modernization.

The topics covered in his speech included new approaches to sales and marketing: with appeals to end incentivizing  prescription generation, to prohibit payments to physicians speaking for the industry, and to improve digital-driven accessibility for stakeholders.

Witty also commented on the important aspects of transparency in the pharmaceutical industry.

GSK has made pledges in the past to publish all clinical trials and patient data – an effort which Witty detailed as a leading effort in the field.

He also stressed the deterioration of response in global crises. He urged for the improvement of preparedness and resilience programs to respond to future crisis – what he called “Ebola’s of the future.”

Witty later went on to discuss how pricing reform and R&D can evolve to meet unmet medical needs across the globe. He called for opening up access through patent pools in attempting to provide assistance to lesser developed countries.

You can download the full video, including Sir Andrew Witty’s full address and the following round-table discussion, on the CSIS website here.