Colombia Opens Camp for Venezuelan Migrants
More than 2.3 million have left Venezuela in the last three years

Colombia opened a migrant camp in Bogota this week for the increasing number of Venezuelans fleeing their country’s economic and humanitarian crises. The Colombian government consulted with the French government, which opened similar style camps for refugees from Syria. Venezuelan migrants taken to the camp had been living in a park next to a bus station, which caused public health and safety concerns. The camp capacity is 500, and migrants will receive information on accessing education and healthcare during their three month stays.

Venezuelan migrants arrive to a new camp in Bogota, Colombia. (Source: Fernando Vergara/Associated Press/The Washington Post)

The increased number of Venezuelan migrants prompted the government to open the camps, among protests and concerns from residents about job security and increased crime. Colombia is facing its own domestic issues of increased coca production and leftist rebel fighting while it receives more migrants than any other nation. The increase in Venezuelans living in Colombia has promoted xenophobic attacks in the region. Read more in the Washington Post here.