Catalyst for Collaboration – Operation Smile’s Government Health Forum

Operation Smile will host a Government Forum in Washington, DC on Friday, November 8th, to discuss their work around the world and introduce a five-year strategy to strengthen health systems and elevate safe surgery globally. Central to the discussion will be the innovative and transformative ways in which Operation Smile is using technology to improve the quality, efficacy and sustainability of cleft surgery for children and adults in austere environments. In addition, Operation Smile will examine the work of primary corporate partners, whose goals and global presence overlap with and often facilitate Operation Smile’s mission and work around the world.

By hosting this Forum, Operation Smile aims to be a catalyst for collaboration by galvanizing the expertise, experience, resources, professional capital and funding of lawmakers, government agencies, global financial institutions, business associations and corporate partners. Partners invited include Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Chevron, Lay’s, PepsiCo, Hilton, eBay, UBS, BD, Medtronic, AbbVie, Hasbro, among many others. Lawmakers are also invited including: Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, and Virginia Senators Mark Warner (D), and Senator Tim Kaine (D), as well as Virginia Representatives. USAID, the World Bank, African Development Bank, Overseas Investment Corporation, OPIC and other global institutions will also be invited. The Forum will support the development of new, more sustainable funding and programmatic relationships that will advance Operation Smile’s mission, global presence, and relevance.