BI Cares Partners to Empower Uninsured Patients

The BI Cares Foundation is excited to share an update on our flagship community programs.

Malta House of Care Health Coach is Improving Patient Lives

In 2017, in partnership with Malta House of Care, we developed and launched a new Health Coach Program in Hartford, CT, to help empower uninsured patients with chronic conditions to better manage their health.  As part of the program, the health coach works one-on-one with patients in English and Spanish to listen to their challenges, answer questions and provide them with the skills and tools to help them reach their health goals.


Americares Free Clinics Health Coach Program Achieves Key Goals

In addition, the Americares Health Coach Program in Danbury, CT reached its one year milestone, and results show that participants increased their health knowledge and changed behaviors for their long-term health and wellbeing.  Details include:

  • All participants showed improvements in LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and blood pressure – two key risk factors for heart disease
  • More than 95% of patients better understood their medications
  • 70% of participants improved their medication adherence – a critical part of managing chronic disease
  • 66% of patients lost weight
  • 93% of patents made healthier dietary choices
  • Overall, participants had an increase in awareness, self-confidence, and felt empowered to meet challenges presented by their diagnosis

BI Cares is proud to support these impactful programs, which are helping to reduce health disparities in Connecticut while improving patient lives.