BD’s Volunteer Service (VST) Program Members

BD’s Volunteer Service (VST) Program Members

BD’s Volunteer Service (VST) Program celebrating 10 years

BD’s Volunteer Service (VST) Program will be celebrating 10 years of impactful and measurable results this year. The program, designed as a way for BD to share its collective knowledge and give associates an opportunity to serve, is another way for associates to participate in pursuing our Company purpose of “Helping all people live healthy lives.” The program provides opportunities for associates to serve in some of the most disadvantaged places in the world. The variety of activities undertaken is symbolic both of the complexities of delivering healthcare in resource-poor places and of the many ways BD impacts global health. This global program is open to BD associates worldwide.

Four fellow PQMD members and BD Trusted Partners have helped BD accomplish the goals of the program since inception; Catholic Medical Mission Board in Zambia (2005-2006), Direct Relief in Ghana (2007-2009) and Peru (2014-2016), Heart to Heart in Haiti (2011-2015) and Papua New Guinea (2014) and AmeriCares in El Salvador (2014-2016).
Knowing the strengths and capabilities of such partners is key when developing programs together. Combining the technical expertise and resources of both organizations results in strong, life changing impacts for the communities served.

Diabetes prevention and management is a key focus area for BD and for AmeriCares, a BD partner for over 28 years. AmeriCares Family Clinic in El Salvador aims to be a Center of Excellence in Diabetes Care. A team of BD volunteers contributed their expertise to enhance the clinic’s quality of care through leadership development and diabetes training. With help of the Volunteer Service Trip program, the clinic can establish itself as a center of excellence through the creation of a model for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and patient self-management that is replicable in other resource-poor communities throughout the region.

Clinic staff currently oversee care for more than 500 patients with diabetes – a number that is growing. In order to meet the rising demand of patient consultations, doctors are allotted a maximum of 15 minutes with each patient. This puts significant pressure on doctors to educate patients and to perform proper assessments.
BD provided a team of 6 volunteers: 2 primary care trainers specializing in Diabetes, 1 health professional specializing in Diabetes, 1 advisor for planning and management, 1 management and human resources advisor, and 1 communications specialist. 27 staff participated in diabetes training and 30 participated in the leadership program.

The leadership development training consisted of sessions on: SMART Goal Setting, Mastering Communications, How to be a Successful Manager, HR Processes, and Project Management. The Diabetes training consisted of sessions on: Individualizing Patient Care and Education through Assessment, Motivational Interviewing and Patient Counseling, Self-Monitoring, Conversation Maps, Community Education Techniques, Nutrition 101, Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment Tool & HgbA1C Patient Education, and Standards of Medical Care for Treating Patients with Type 2 Diabetes.

Planning for the 2015 trip is currently underway.