An injured mother travels miles to receive MAP medicines to treat a severe laceration

By the time Claudette arrived at the mission clinic, she was already exhausted and in unbearable pain. A few months before, she had suffered a severe laceration on her hand from a knife, most likely the result of a kitchen accident in her home in rural

Haiti. Because she did not have access to immediate medical care, that laceration had festered into a painful wound. She told the medical mission team that she had traveled miles to see a local doctor who was unable to treat her injury as he did not have the right medicines. As the team examined her, they saw her hand and fingers were badly swollen, and she complained of terrible pain. Thankfully for Claudette, the mission team was equipped with antibiotics and pain relievers provided by MAP International to treat her hand. A year later, when the mission team returned, Claudette visited them again to show them her hand that was now fully healed.