action medeor Provides Expanded Help for Cyclone Idai

The situation in southeast Africa has worsened. action medeor has started to provide medical aid for Mozambique and Malawi.

Even one week after the passage of the cyclone Idai, the full extent of the disaster is still not measurable. The situation becomes more and more dire because of the constant rain. At least 2.6 million people in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi have been impacted and hundreds of thousands are homeless.

Bernd Pastors, the board spokesperson of action medeor, reports: “Large territories are flooded and clean water is missing. The risk of outbreaks of plagues such as cholera is high.” Aid supplies have already been send from action medeor’s warehouse in Malawi to the affected areas in the South of the country. Now, action medeor seeks to expand its help to Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

“Because the cyclone has destroyed major parts of the region’s infrastructure, the logistics in the disaster area are challenging”, tells Bernd Pastors. To deliver medicines quickly in the disaster areas, action medeor sends medical aid through its branches in Tansania and Malawi.