Jim Alvey

VP of Disaster Recovery and Philanthropy


Jim Alvey has worked in media, marketing, data analysis, and non-profit management. As Good360 Vice President, Disaster Recovery and Philanthropy, his goal is to cultivate relationships that expand the Good360 corporate donor network, increase nonprofit sector collaboration and connect government and association entities. Jim’s primary focus areas are product and funding partnerships that support mid- and long-term Disaster Recovery efforts.

At Good360, Jim partners with Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability departments along with their Reverse Logistics and Supply Chain teams. He also works with foundations to amplify the impact of the missions they support. Good360 makes it easy to donate product, do some good and see valuable ROI. Their 100,000+ non-profit network member organizations benefit from the goods donated by corporate and foundation partners.

Jim lives in Columbia, Maryland with his wife, dog, and two cats. They have two adult children, Michelle and James. Outside of nonprofit work, Jim enjoys tennis, hiking, and travel.

Jim Alvey Bio February 8, 2023